Portals of Displacement : Back to Black , Black to Back

In "Portals of Displacement," a deep exploration of deconstructivism is at the core of my artistic journey,
where the essence of creation and transformation is both revered and explored.
This project, embracing gum prints and a video installation, transcends the traditional boundaries of photographic development.

At the forefront of this endeavor are the gum prints, where art and nature engage in a unique alchemy.
By carbonizing plants used in developing photographic films, I forge a bridge between organic origin and artistic reincarnation.
Pigments extracted from the ashes infuse life into these noble prints.
Each print, born from a labor-intensive and capricious process, stands as a unique testament to impermanence and
individuality. Rooted in historical practices, this method ensures the prints remain rich in color and contrast, defying time and elemental change.

Complementing the gum prints is the video installation, an intimate portrayal captured on 8mm negative film.
It visualizes the transformation of physical plants into carbon dust, ready to be reborn on a new canvas.
This visual narrative, encapsulated in the phrase "Back to black & Black to back," is a poetic reflection of the endless cycle of creation and dissolution,
highlighting the experimental soul of my work and the beautiful boundaries of impermanence.

Looking to the future, this project paves the way for an even deeper integration of natural elements into my artistic practice.
I envision incorporating rocks, metals, and plant fibers for paper-making, where each piece will receive my personal attention, enhancing its individuality and narrative.

"Portals of Displacement" is more than a photographic exploration;
it is a journey into the realms of natural transformation and artistic rebirth. Through this project, I invite viewers to witness the delicate balance between the transient and the eternal,
the physical and the metaphysical, urging them to reflect on the ever-evolving tapestry of life.