Portals of Displacement : Familial Metalurgy

During my research in unique finishing technique's, i worked on a tribute to my grandfather and mother, master goldsmiths whose essence pulses through my work.
My grandfather's last resting place is somewhere in Thailand, I wanted to reclaim his spirit and craft in this sub series.
This series is my way of reconnecting with him, forging a link through our family’s tradition of working with precious metals.

In every etched metal panel, in every bead cast from reclaimed photographic silver, I see reflections of his teachings and my mother’s guidance.
My family often remarks on our shared traits, and it’s in these moments of recognition that I feel closest to him.
My works, while rooted in personal history, are not mere memorials or gate ways too parralel universes; they are active engagements with material and memory,
inviting viewers into a dialogue of resilience and creation.

This project narrates a journey of remembrance and continuation,
as I translate the craft of goldsmithing into a contemporary photographic exploration of form and memory.
It's a balance of honoring where I come from while crafting something entirely new—an enduring echo of the past, reshaped for the present.